Forward and Back Scales

single leg balance drill, stability, mobility exercise

This week’s Agatsu Movement Minute brought you to by Senior Agatsu Mobility Instructor Sarah Yeo Scales are excellent for anyone wanting to improve single leg strength, balance, and mobility . This applies to runners, dancers, lifters, and wrestlers- identify holes in strength and range and fill them in . Use a stick and find your […]

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Agatsu Movement Minute-Duck, Duck, Goose

Weekly Fitness Challenge

View this post on Instagram This week’s Movement Minute. . Agatsu Version of Duck Duck Goose! . Give it a try at your gym and TAG us for a feature. . #agatsu #agatsumovementminute #agatsufitness #mobility #workout #hipmobility #mobilityflow #calisthenics #gymnastics #mtl #montreal A post shared by Agatsu Fitness (@agatsufitness) on May 21, 2019 at 12:35pm […]

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What not to do this Holiday season to stay healthy and fit:

Holiday Fitness

The holiday season is full of good times! Family gatherings, work parties, fun outings with SO’s, and these occasions are ALWAYS full of delicious food. From hot chocolate, roasted chestnuts, Christmas cookies, to savoury dinners smothered in gravy. These comfort foods during our darkest days of the year can be absolutely irresistible. AS THEY SHOULD […]

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