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Recovery & TENS Machine

What do your recovery days look like? When I am not training hard I work equally hard relaxing and recovering. Typically that means light mobility work, meal prep for the rest of the week and lately I have been experimenting with a TENS unit from Easy@Home. I have been interested in electro stim machines for quite a while but haven’t picked one up until recently. While researching different TENS machines I was often overwhelmed by the difference in machines, pricing and functions. I researched which options would be best for me and somewhere in the middle of all of that research I just lost interest.

Recently while training with one of my colleagues I became interested in TENS units again after seeing them using a very lightweight and simple machine. Sometimes simple and easy is all you need and after searching for an simple unit on Amazon I found this one Easy At Home Professional Grade TENS UNIT

The unit is lightweight, easy to travel with and use. Despite the fact that it can deliver quite a bit of power the setup is fast and simple. I have been experimenting with TENS for recovery and massage. With a training and travel schedule like mine I need all the recovery help I can get and so far I would say the experiments have been a huge success.

If you are looking for a simple easy to use TENS unit the EASY AT HOME PROFESSIONAL GRADE gets my recommendation.

(*Note that I have linked to the unit I got on Amazon to help you locate it. I am not an affiliate of this company and I do not receive any money for the link or article.)