Masters of Movement Training Week – Agatsu

Masters of Movement Training Week


2 Life Changing Training Events


Los Angeles ( March 21-25 2017)REGISTER

Iceland (July 17th to 22nd 2017) SOLD OUT




(All levels of experience welcome. Come join the fun)

Masters of Movement training events are unique training opportunities for people who  are passionate about fitness. Each event is a once in a lifetime chance to learn from leading professionals in various movement disciplines. Experience more in five days than most people will in five years. Join participants from around the world as you explore movement and deepen your personal practice. These workshops are suitable for all levels. Beginners to more advanced students will all work and learn at their own pace. Masters of Movement isn’t about being elite it is about being the best you can be and reaching your personal potential.

“There is no magic in any particular tool, system or method. True magic is found in daily consistent and dedicated practice. Dedicate yourself to mastery. Find your passion and spend the rest of your life becoming the best you can be. Remember that mastery is not a destination. Always slightly out of reach, we seek it and it changes us. We move closer only to see how far we are. We transform because we persevere and continue our journey despite its hardships, this is what Masters of Movement is about. “Shawn Mozen

Don’t miss this chance to train at the Agatsu Masters of Movement Training Week. Space is limited and these events will sell out without notice.

Five life changing days that will transform how you move and train forever


*These events are suitable for all skill levels-Cards subject to chance without notice.

*Each registration is a guarantee of a reserved spot. Registrations and deposits are non refundable.

*We are limiting space for these events to ensure that each participant gets one on one training from all coaches. Don’t wait, register and reserve your spot today!


Los Angeles- (FLOW)

Its time to make your California dreams a reality. Join us for 5 unforgettable days of training in sunny California. The theme of this event is Flow. Participants will be exposed to various movement disciplines that will explore the concept of Flow and its place in sport performance and physical training. This workshop is open to everyone regardless of experience. Absolute beginners in all disciples are welcome.

Training Disciplines Include:

  • Capoeira (Amir Solsky)
  • Surfing (Heather Alley)
  • Agatsu Indian Club & Mace Certification Level 1
  • Brazilian Jiujitsu (Henry Akins)
  • Rope (Michael Latch)


Team Karate Centers, Woodland Hills

Santa Monica Beach,



Amir Solsky- Capoeria

Amir is a celebrity fitness trainer and nutrition expert and has devoted numerous years in the study of body movement ranging from martial arts to aerial arts.  He is a Capoeira Contra Mestre and is the founder of  Fundamentals of Movement and Capoeira Los Angeles.  He performs regularly doing various circus arts such as aerial and hand to hand balancing, Equilibre, contortion and dance.   Amir has been featured on National Geographic’s “Fight Science” and has  appeared in various music videos such as Fall Out Boys and Natasha Bedingfield, and commercials such as “journeys”. Amir has been a writer for the online magazine “Onnit”, he had also been providing content to their workouts. He has a passion for continually developing his understanding of human physiology and movement and is demonstrating the possibilities and capabilities of our ever evolving and unlimited human potential through movement.




Heathy Alley- Surfing

Heather’s experience in the ocean started at a very early age. As a third generation to be born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, her Mother taught her how to body surf at age four. By age eight, boogie boarding was a natural progression and she received her first boogie board on her 8th birthday. By age 15, she got her driver’s license and couldn’t wait to drive herself to the other side of the island that was more ideal for surfing.

The rugged, south side of the island Heather grew up surfing on, meant also dealing with shallow reefs and big trade wind swells. This conditioning at an early age allowed her to travel and surf anywhere her adventurous spirit led her. As a result, Heather has become an international surfer traveling to locations in Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, England and beyond.

Heather has taught others the joy of “soul surfing” for over eighteen years at surf camps and surfing schools on both coasts and in other countries. Her client list has grown to put her highly in demand and become one of the best in the field.




Agatsu Indian Club & Mace Certification


More than just an Indian Club seminar, the Agatsu program will introduce you to some of the most powerful training and teaching concepts guaranteed to change how you and your clients look at fitness. Indian Clubs are a time tested training tool ideal for mobility and active recovery as well as developing strength and stability. Unlike many conventional weight training tools, Indian Clubs are unique in their ability to develop movement capacity in all three planes of motion. Linear strength is great but it is also just one piece of the puzzle. If you are ready to evolve your training its time to start moving with clubs.

What you will learn:

  • Classic and non classical Indian Club exercises such as Swings, Mills, Large and Small Circles, Wrist Rolls,Casts, and more will be covered in great detail along with many other essential techniques.
  • Techniques for light (2lbs) and heavy club training will be covered as well as the fundamentals of Mace training.
  • Develop a deep understanding of India Club basics and their variations. Multiple variations and their uses will be explored for every exercise as well as supplemental to help you and your clients break through training plateaus.
  • Joint Mobility theory and basics as a means of joint prep and injury prevention pre and post workout.
  • Learn how to safely and incrementally scale exercises to suit the ability of a wide range of clients.
  • Learn Agatsu Indian Club routines as well as how to develop your own.
  • Discover how adding Indian Clubs to your training can help cut your warmup in as much as half the usual time.
  • Learn how to use Indian Club training to develop sport specific qualities such as rotational power, grip strength, strength endurance, core stability and more.

Henry Akins- Brazilian Jiujitsu

Henry Akins began training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in 1995 at the Rickson Gracie Acadamy on Pico blvd in West LA. Shortly after he started he became the secretary at the acadamy and was spending 70 hours a week there watching and participating in all of the classes. In 1997 the school moved to the Pacific Palisades where Henry trained and assisted main Instructor Luis Heredia and also participated and trained in all of the classes taught by Rickson. During these years Henry had the opportunity to train with Rickson and help him prepare for his fights in Japan. In 2000 the acadamy moved again to Wilshire blvd in West LA. By this time Henry had begun teaching many of the classes at the school.

In Feb of 2004, because of his persistence and dedication to the fundamentals and philosophies of Jiu-Jitsu, Rickson Gracie presented Henry with a blackbelt, being only the third American at the time to receive that honor. Henry then took over the school and became the main instructor there until 2008 when he was forced to stop due to a back injury. Now Henry is the head Jiu-Jitsu instructor at Dynamix Martial Arts and although Henry is no longer affiliated with Rickson Gracie or his association, he feels blessed to be able to share this art with others and to pass on the knowledge that was taught to him by the greatest Jiu-Jitsu practitioner ever.

Michael Latch- Rope

Michael Latch was the owner of one of the most successful Crossfit Gyms in the world, Valley Crossfit. A well rounded athlete and coach Michael is one of the best examples of a “Generalist” you will ever find. A senior Agatsu instructors and martial artist he is dedicated to sharing his experience in Kettlebells, Indian Clubs, Yoga, Parkour and other movement disciplines with people of all levels.


Michael’s rope program will expose you to the building blocks of a dynamic rope practice that will challenge you to acquire and develop new movement patterns and flow.



Don’t miss this once in a lifetime “traincation” 5 days of training in sunny California with world class coaches and participants from around the world.

Schedule: The Masters of Movement training seminar is spread out over five jam packed days. Training begins 8:00am and runs to approximately 7:00pm each day. Breaks are given between workshops including lunch.

We are limiting space for these events to ensure that each participant gets one on one training from all coaches. Don’t wait, register and reserve your spot today! **NOTE EVENT ALREADY HALF FULL!!!!**




Iceland (July 17th to the 22nd 2017)

Six life changing days that will transform how you move and train forever

After three years we are returning to hold another event in Iceland! Since our first training event in this surreal country we have received countless requests for another seminar there. This is your chance to train in one of the most breathtaking and inspiring locations in the world.

Space is limited and these events will sell out without notice.

Training Disciplines Include:

-Strongman Training by 4X Worlds Strongest Man Magnús Ver Magnússon

-Gymnastics Held at the National Training Center

-Mobility Training by Sara-Clare Lajeunesse & Shawn Mozen

-Pole Vaulting- Mark Markmaður

-Hurdles-Kristin Birna Olafsdottir-Johnson

-Special Snorkeling or Diving Session.


World Class, Kringlunni 1, 103 Reykjavík

Jakaból, Arnarbakka 4-6, 109 Reykjavík


The venue: Agatsu HQ in Montreal
All workshops will be held at Agatsu in Montreal Quebec Canada. (With the exception of the Trapeeze session. We will also be attending an outside event off site.)


Magnús Ver Magnússon- (Strongman)

Magnús Ver Magnússon the 4 time Worlds Strongest Man and coach of the current Icelandic champion Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson will be your trainer at his legendary gym Jakaból. Six days of training with one of the true legends of strength suitable to all levels.
For more about Strongman Training and a look at Jakaból gym, check out this Vice documentary featuring Magnus.


Gymnasts are admired for their unbelievably strength, control, flexibility and movement. Spend a week at the National Training Center in Iceland studying floor work and tumbling as you work through progressions and regressions suitable to all levels.








Kristin Birna Olafsdottir-Johnson – Hurdles

Hurdling is the act of running and jumping over an obstacle at speed. In the sport of athletics, hurdling forms the basis of a number track and field events which are a highly specialized form of obstacle racing. Icelandic heptathlete and head coach Kristina Birna Olafsdottir-Johnson will expose you to the basics of this incredible form of racing.

Training will be done at the national training center.





Sara-Clara Lajeunesse & Shawn Mozen- Mobility

Mobility = Move Ability
Whether you are training for a marathon, olympic weightlifting competition, gymnastics or for better quality of life in every day activities, it all leads back to mobility first.
If you want to succeed your endeavours you must first pay attention to having the requisite Mobility = flexibility and stability in your joints, muscles and body tissues.
In these workshops we will help you determine whether you are dealing with a flexibility or a stability issue, how to address the issue in question and help you develop a solid practice to build up your foundational strengths.
Mark Markmaður- Pole Vaulting

This is a once in a lifetime chance to try one of the most unique Olympic events. Pole Vaulting is typically classified as one of the four major jumping events in athletics, alongside the high jump, long jump and triple jump. This basic intro course will expose you to the fundamentals of the sport and the basics required for its development.



Once in a lifetime

Schedule: This Masters of Movement training seminar is spread out over six jam packed days. Training schedule will be emailed to participants and will include breaks and special events like hikes and a visit to hot springs during White Nights.

We are limiting space for these events to ensure that each participant gets one on one training from all coaches. Don’t wait, register and reserve your spot today!



(By registering you are reserving your place at this event. As space is limited no refunds will be given for partial or full registrations)

**lineups subject to change without notice**



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