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P. Diddy Kettlebell Throwing Celebrity Workout

I am out in LA home of the latest fitness crazes that sweep North America. Everywhere you look people are getting in shape and following new and exciting celebrity workouts. Being surrounded by all of this has inspired me to create the P. Diddy Kettlebell Throwing Celebrity Workout.

This workout is for anyone who like to hurl heavy metal and get down with life saving speed.

Grab a Kettlebell and a workout partner that pisses you off and try the Agatsu P. Diddy!

With a Tabatta timer running a trusty Kettlebell in hand and a not so healthy dose of rage do the following. Run the timers and during the 20 second intervals you perform high tension swings and launch the Kettlebell forward. (Be care not to hit anyone or anything! This is best performed outside and not near a football coach.) Run to your Kettlebell and repeat the two hand swing and toss. Do as many as you can in 20 seconds. During the 10 second interval you perform as many body weight squats as possible. (Duck like your life depended on it!) Continue for 8 rounds.


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