Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 24 – Agatsu

Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 24

Each week we will release a new video movement challenge on our blog and Instagram accounts. These movements are not simply show off tricks that have become so popular on social media but rather they are meant to shine a light on your personal practice. We truly are only as strong as our weakest links and you need to challenge yourself to try new movements to discover what those weak links are. While many people are frustrated by movements that they can’t perform their reaction should be of joy since their new discovery if trained properly will lead them to even greater potential. So lets all train together and take the Agatsu Movement Challenge.

“Change your movement and you change your life.”Shawn Mozen

Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 24- Inchworm Pushups
Inchworm Push Ups. These are a great way to challenge your posterior chain flexibility, anterior chain strength & work on your bent & straight arm pushing strength. For a regressed version walk your feet in as far as you can & then walk back to push up position. HOW DID YOU DO? TAG A FRIEND YOU WANT TO TRY THIS WITH.

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