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What’s the worst Kettlebell Snatch cue?

Kettlebell Swing

Whats the worst Kettlebell Snatch cue? In the sea of well meaning cues that trainers bombard their clients with one particular little nasty one always makes me grind my teeth when I hear it. Now don’t get me wrong there are other bad cues and maybe you want to argue there are even some worse ones but this sucker can get you hurt and at the very least its simply wrong.

“Throw the Kettlebell Back.”

Don’t throw the Kettlebell back! Snatching by tossing the Kettlebell back is going to put unwanted stress on your shoulder and create a very mechanically inefficient technique. The Kettlebell Snatch is built off of a solid one arm swing, acceleration pull and insert. The insert has you moving your hand around the bell and not the bell around your hand. You are not tossing the Kettlebell backward.

Got some great cues that will help people? Please post them in the comments below.

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