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Agatsu Movement Minute – Tight T-Spine?

T Spine Stretch

Tight T-Spine? Try this weeks Agatsu Movement Minute.

Here’s a little exercise that I taught our recent course in Hong Kong. It’s great for all those office workers to heavy lifters out there?

Start by sitting with straight spine in the 3 point stack.

Next placing your hand either in front of your shoulder (level 1) or behind your head (level 2), twist to one side as you exhale bracing in your lumbar spine.

Then on your next exhale side bend in your tspine only, lifting your elbow higher. At the end range of your movement take a few deep breaths here opening up the rib cage on that side.

Repeat these movements a few times on each side, moving further into the stretch.

Always remember if you want to create flexibility in one area, there must be a stable point in another area to use as an anchor point. Use your breath to keep your lumbar spine stable through the exercise.


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