Agatsu Movement Minute – The Rolling Cat – Agatsu

Agatsu Movement Minute – The Rolling Cat

Rolling Cat Stretch

This weeks Agatsu Movement Minute is The Rolling Cat.

If you sit or stand for long periods on end this stretch is a great way to get into to those hard to reach places in your spinal flexibility. Not to mention a nice little warm up before any workout.

Using your hands as cables, place them behind your knees and create tension by pulling up & begin to round your back.

Begin at the top of your spine moving through flexion, extension, side bending & articulating the scapulas to access those intercostals. Using breath you can reach even further into the stretch.

As you move down your back, split your legs to get into your lumbar/ QL areas even more.

This video is 15 seconds but you should take your time & perform each section of the stretch slower, hanging out where you need it most.

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