I wish I had seen this before.. – Agatsu

I wish I had seen this before..


Last week I needed to film myself while teaching a seminar. HUGE pain the butt! 😜

I managed to get face tracking to work with my gimbal and got a decent result after a lot of adjusting and praying. Unfortunately I had to run back and forth to trigger my camera to record and setting up the balance on the gimbal before shots was distracting and time consuming.

Of course after struggling for two days I see a post about this thing. I wish I had seen this before I really needed it.

This thing would have made it much easier! Not only would it have made it easier for me to film during my seminar but I am constantly having to ask people at the gym to film for me or I am stuck with static boring videos. Having a small device that can track my movements and allow me to record motion without having to ask for help is a life saver.

If you are a trainer who is recording videos for your client or social media you should check this out PIVO.

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