Twisty Squat Flow – Agatsu

Twisty Squat Flow

Twisty squat progression to single leg #PistolSquat

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A post shared by Agatsu Fitness (@agatsufitness) on Jan 6, 2020 at 3:44pm PST

This is a good way to warm up your lower body for loaded squats- and the pistol squat is definitely that. Finding your balance and center of mass is a major part of this tricky movement

By working on the rotational mechanics (balancing weight in the foot and hip) and positioning your head OVER the foot, the strength required to stabilize (and drive back out of the bottom) is reduced.
Play with this one and tell me how it went- but DON’T MOVE TO THE NEXT STEP UNTIL YOU HAVE THE ONES, PRIOR

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