Hip opener & Mid Back Mobility – Agatsu

Hip opener & Mid Back Mobility

Hip opener & back relief

Got tight hips and back?

Want to relieve tension in your mid back or hips?

Try this hip opener for improved mobility in your hips and back.

Here’s a great little combo to open your hips & get your t-spine moving.

5 Kneeling Windmill with 5 Torso Twist each side

Then repeat the same thing in a Standing Windmill. Points of performance here are:

-Keep Active Foot Arches. Lazy feet will equal lazy hips here. You wont get as much into the hip rotation as you can if you don’t connect your foundation first. .

-Make sure to push your back hip out on a diagonal like a dead lift. This will help you maintain your spinal position & get deeper into your hip rotation stretch. .

-Reach your arms equally in opposite directions. Just like science class ‘for every action there is an equal & opposite reaction’ If you want to rotate your torso more push into the floor first as an anchor point.

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