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Light Club Mobility

Indian Club Workout

Indian Clubs are an amazing tool for improving your joint mobility and opening up the body!

Whether you are dealing with that clicky shoulder, tension in your upper back from being seated or hunched over all day, or have tight wrists and forearms from spending hours on the keyboard, swinging some Indian Clubs is a sure fire way to warm up your body and get some instant relief!

In this 1st of our 4 part video series, we will discuss how Indian Clubs are an amazing tool for improving your mobility, open up the body and stretch you out, leaving you feeling loose and limber. Over time, we have seen our clients overcome pain and reclaim movement they had once lost. Now it’s your turn!

Once you have watched the video, let us know in the comments below what that part of your body is that is ALWAYS feeling tight and how you FEEL after doing these club exercises. 

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  1. Thanks Patrick! That was great, really looking forward for incorporating this into my weekly training.

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