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How to fit in training with kids

training with kids

By MARIO LIZÉE, Senior Agatsu Instructor

Being a parent and keeping a regular training schedule can be a challenge sometimes. Things will not always work as planned, especially if your training slots are when the little munchkins are awake.

So it’s a good idea to have a few tools in your arsenal to get them involved. It will feel like a game for all parties involved and it will get you moving in different ways. A lot can be achieved through play. Of course getting an intense strength training sessions may not really be the way to go here, but I find that mobility, balance, agility, locomotion, reflexes are things that can be a lot of fun and will benefit both yourself and your young ones in their development.

Here are a couple examples of a couple fun games you can play together:

-Foot Pick Up game (balance, mobility)
-Sock Drop Reflex game (reflexes, hand-eye coordination)

You can still get some strength work done though. Just make it a challenge:

-Patty Cake Push Up Challenge (working on pressing strength and shoulder stability) or a cooperative effort like Partner Superman Presses (I’m pressing and working on stabilizing, he’s getting a mean posterior chain tension hold / hollow back effort).

Here’s a short video of us trying out the examples mentioned above.

Just make it fun, for both of you. You’ll get a movement session, you will surely get some laughs out of it and with any luck you might even get a good hug in there somewhere. Everybody wins!

I’m sure you get the idea, if you have your own, please, I’d like to hear about it! 

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