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Senior Instructors

The Agatsu Elite Team is made up of senior Agatsu instructors. Elite Team members are the only instructors authorized by Agatsu Inc to conduct Agatsu Instructor Certification Seminars. Each instructor is an expert in his or her field and have been chosen for their ability to perform and teach at the highest level. All Agatsu courses will be conducted by Shawn Mozen or a member of the Elite Team.

Our Program Directors are leaders in their fileds working together with Agatsu to bring people who follow our programs the very best education in the fields of nutrition and training.

Shawn Mozen
CEO and Founder of Agatsu Ic
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Sara Lajeunesse
Director Agatsu Movement & Mobility
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Kim Rossignol
Kettlebell Senior Instructor
Tyson Larone
Director Strength & Speed
Damir Mulalic
Senior Kettlebell Instructor
Tania Tetrault Vrga
Senior Kettlebell Instructor
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Paluna Santamaria
Weightlifting & Mobility Instructor
Jeanette Pearson
Senior Instructor
Dave Anderka
Director Kettlebell Sport
Fayez Abdulrahman
Assessment Program Director
Sarah Woods
Senior Mobility Instructor
Anthony Agtarap
Senior Kettlebell Instructor
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