Fayez Abdulrahman – Agatsu

Fayez Abdulrahman

Head of Assessment Courses

Fayez has been working as an athletic therapist and strength coach for 10 years.
He began working at a clinic as a strength specialist helping chronic patients re-build their mechanics. His knowledge of rehabilitation with a combination of exercise prescription worked well in helping bridging the gap between therapy and activities/everyday life.

His love for sports and his want to help people achieve what seems to be improbable, directed him to work with a more athletic population. Working with weekend warriors, junior, olympic, and professional athletes has challenged him to push his boundaries and work outside the box. Sport worked with: hockey, soccer, baseball, football, rugby, tennis, swimming, diving, dancers, cyclist, triathletes, Ironman, fencing, judo, jiujitsu, taekwondo, etc.

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