Mark Johnson

Senior Kettlebell Instructor

Mark Wesley Johnson lives in Reykjavik Iceland and is married to Kristin Birna Olafsdottir-Johnson.  He lives in Iceland but he is originally from South Carolina, USA.  He attended Coastal Carolina University and graduated in 2006 with a BS in Physical Education.  He also attended the Auburn University and has finished 75% of his masters in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Mark has won numerous competitions for his colleges and was a two time NCAA All American in the Pole Vault with a personal best of 5.50m. Mark is still training and competing in the pole vault.  Mark was first introduced to kettlebell training in 2007 where he first used them to rehab his back.  He now holds the titles of Senior Agatsu Instructor, Certified high school track and field coach, and Crossfit Level 1 Instructor.  He works in Reykjavik Iceland in a gym named WorldClass, and is the head of Crossfit in Worldclass.









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