Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast Guest Info – Agatsu

Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast Guest Info

Agatsu Podcast

If you were sent a link to this page then we want you to be a guest on our show!

The podcast is called the Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast and it is dedicated bringing people the simple raw truth about fitness, nutrition and working out from some of the world’s leading experts.

Although the Podcast episodes typically focus on fitness topics we can talk about almost anything that will be helpful to clients wellbeing.

The show is not commercialized, no sponsors, we are thankful to anyone who supports the show but we do not plug anything for pay. We are simply trying to put out good content that will help as many people as we can.

Please visit this link and check out some of the episodes.

For recording ideally you would be somewhere quiet with a good internet connection. A mic is a big asset but not necessary. We use Zoom to record. Please download it on your phone or desktop. We will be able to see each other if you have a cam however we only post the audio. To improve our conversation its better if we can see each other so the cams are helpful.

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