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McDojo Life

You have most likely seen the hilarious videos posted on McDojo Life. Martial arts fakes, phonies and con artists who stop attackers dead in their tracks with the power of their minds. Did you know that McDojo Life does more than share the lunacy of some martial arts, thats right they also expose predators and […]

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Get To Know Your Feet


Here is our second instalment of How To Fix Your Feet by Sarah Woods. Firstly, if you want to fix something you have to assess what is going on before you can address it. Foot Dynamics  What are the parts & functions?  Each foot contains 26 bones, or roughly a quarter of the total bones […]

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How Does Your Posture Affect Your Physical & Mental Health

good posture

Growing up we were told to ‘stand up straight’ , ‘No sloughing’ & ‘Pay attention”. Well this is more important than you may think. Good posture supports good health both mentally and physically.  Having better spinal alignment helps reduce pain in the body as it mitigates excess strain on your joints and muscles. Less pain, more gain. Better posture also helps […]

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