THESE 4 BASIC GYM RING EXERCISES WILL HELP IDENTIFY AND ELIMINATE YOUR WEAK LINKS Shawn Mozen Today’s world is very fast paced. At least it seems that way for the majority of people involved with high-stress office work or other sedentary occupations, such as driving, computer programming, engineering, etc. However, most of that pace occurs […]

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Joint Mobility Certification Review

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“Before you can work with the resitance offered by tools like barbells, Kettlebells or sandbags you should first learn to move and control your own body.” -Shawn Mozen Joint Mobility and bodyweight training have been a part of Agatsu since the beginning. At the heart of our training we explore movement and control without weights […]

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Fitness Farce- Why a Kitten Dies Every Time Nike Makes an Educational Video

***(Update since we published this blog Nike removed some of the videos. Thats great Nike however you have left the other Kettlebell clips from your “master” trainers. Let me help you understand why she is no Kettlebell master. Please see the bottom of this article for updates and review of the clips you left online […]

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Masters Of Movement 2013 – Movement Camp

Its been three weeks since we wrapped up the Masters of Movement Training Week and everyone is still talking about it. In the months building up to this amazing movement camp I received a lot of emails and calls from people asking me if they should sign up. I told everyone  that I believed they […]

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Toronto Regional Agatsu Kettlebell Sport Championships

On October 26th 2013 the Toronto AGATSU  KETTLEBELL SPORT CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held. Ranking will be awarded under Agatsu rules. Competitors may test themselves in one or two the following categories: 1) Jerk 2) Snatch 3) Long Cycle 4) Biathlon *(Please note that Biathlon counts as two events) Competitors may compete in up to two […]

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