Fitness Farce- Why a Kitten Dies Every Time Nike Makes an Educational Video

***(Update since we published this blog Nike removed some of the videos. Thats great Nike however you have left the other Kettlebell clips from your “master” trainers. Let me help you understand why she is no Kettlebell master. Please see the bottom of this article for updates and review of the clips you left online […]

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Masters Of Movement 2013 – Movement Camp

Its been three weeks since we wrapped up the Masters of Movement Training Week and everyone is still talking about it. In the months building up to this amazing movement camp I received a lot of emails and calls from people asking me if they should sign up. I told everyone  that I believed they […]

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Toronto Regional Agatsu Kettlebell Sport Championships

On October 26th 2013 the Toronto AGATSU  KETTLEBELL SPORT CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held. Ranking will be awarded under Agatsu rules. Competitors may test themselves in one or two the following categories: 1) Jerk 2) Snatch 3) Long Cycle 4) Biathlon *(Please note that Biathlon counts as two events) Competitors may compete in up to two […]

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Montreal Kettlebell Bootcamp & Free Kettlebell Workout Video

Kettlebell Swing

The Agatsu Gym in Montreal is quickly becoming known at the place to go for Kettlebell training. It’s no surprise since we are the ones that first introduced these amazing weights to Canadians nearly a decade ago. Each week the Montreal Kettlebell classes grow and the trainers hear the same thing over and over “I […]

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You SHOULD stretch!

Don’t be confused by articles and studies about the negative effects of stretching before athletic performance. These studies do not negate the positive effects and need for flexibility training. If you are about to sprint or squat YES stretching can have a negative impact on your performance. This does not mean that you should never […]

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