Shawna’s Agatsu Journey

Since I started Agatsu’s Advanced Online Training program in November I have overcome my biggest training obstacle and progressed as an athlete far beyond my expectations..Biceps tendonitis shoulder pain had plagued me for over two years.   I had been bodybuilding hard without taking the time to warm up properly. There were many days that I could not […]

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Hip opener & Mid Back Mobility

Hip opener & back relief

Got tight hips and back? Want to relieve tension in your mid back or hips? Try this hip opener for improved mobility in your hips and back. Here’s a great little combo to open your hips & get your t-spine moving. 5 Kneeling Windmill with 5 Torso Twist each side Then repeat the same thing […]

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Turkey-pocalypse Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Friends!Here is a fun way to get you moving after the feast.Turkey-pocalypse Challenge with Dave Anderka from Agatsu Ottawa-Gatineau1-arm triathlon medley: 3min jerks, 3min Long cycle, 4min snatch. Post results or video with KB weight in comments Winner gets an Agatsu Prize!!!Follow Along and Have Fun!If you enjoy Dave’s Class be sure to check […]

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