How Does Your Posture Affect Your Physical & Mental Health

good posture

Growing up we were told to ‘stand up straight’ , ‘No sloughing’ & ‘Pay attention”. Well this is more important than you may think. Good posture supports good health both mentally and physically.  Having better spinal alignment helps reduce pain in the body as it mitigates excess strain on your joints and muscles. Less pain, more gain. Better posture also helps […]

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Free 1 Week Agatsu Online Gym Trial

Online Gym

Stop putting your training off for another day. ‘Someday’ is not a day on your calendar! Join us in AGATSU Fitness for a FREE WEEK OF AGATSU ONLINE GYM!Jan 4-9 follow along with live classes in: -kettlebell HIIT -yoga -bodyweight strength -mobility -clubs -handstands -flexibility -mace -Kettlebell Sport See you online! […]

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Why You Should Be Offset Training

Fit Dad

By MARIO LIZÉE, Senior Agatsu Instructor Offset Training. Not everyone is familiar with the concept, but everyone should as it is an excellent way to build strength and stability that will not only increase athleticism, increase your overall strength and stability, but also transfer well to daily life applications and injury prevention. Just think of […]

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Shawna’s Agatsu Journey

Since I started Agatsu’s Advanced Online Training program in November I have overcome my biggest training obstacle and progressed as an athlete far beyond my expectations..Biceps tendonitis shoulder pain had plagued me for over two years.   I had been bodybuilding hard without taking the time to warm up properly. There were many days that I could not […]

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