Agatsu Movement Minute – Hip Mobility Flow

Hip Mobility Flow

This week’s Agatsu Movement Minute is a little hip mobility flow that will warm up your spine & shoulders.  👉start with a spinal roll down then walk out into plank. •••👉keeping your midline & shoulder stability, step one foot forward. •••👉with your front foot flat & foot arches engaged, rotate in your hips to bring your […]

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Agatsu Fitness Standards

Pistol Squat

Agatsu training is known world wide for producing well rounded generalists with incredible fitness standards. Our approach to training great generalists involves challenging people to develop their weaknesses until they become strengths. This is exemplified in the testing for the Agatsu Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor Certification. Its demanding criteria will challenge anyone to round out […]

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Improvements are like grains of sand.

Fitness Inspiration

Everyone sooner or later feels frustration with their practice. Remember that ever step forward no matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant is still a step forward. One day two steps forward, one back. Another day two back and only one forward. In time more steps forward and less steps back. Keep moving. (CLICK THE LINK […]

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