Turkey-pocalypse Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Friends!Here is a fun way to get you moving after the feast.Turkey-pocalypse Challenge with Dave Anderka from Agatsu Ottawa-Gatineau1-arm triathlon medley: 3min jerks, 3min Long cycle, 4min snatch. Post results or video with KB weight in comments Winner gets an Agatsu Prize!!!Follow Along and Have Fun!If you enjoy Dave’s Class be sure to check […]

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Are you making this Kettlebell training mistake?

Turkish Get Up

One of the most common mistakes we correct Kettlebell Instructor Courses is incorrect foot placement during the Turkish Get Up..Placing your foot down as in the top photo creates instability and a weak platform for driving off the back leg..Get in a lunge. Drop down letting your knee touch the ground as though you are […]

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