Agatsu Fitness Standards

Pistol Squat

Agatsu training is known world wide for producing well rounded generalists with incredible fitness standards. Our approach to training great generalists involves challenging people to develop their weaknesses until they become strengths. This is exemplified in the testing for the Agatsu Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor Certification. Its demanding criteria will challenge anyone to round out […]

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Masters of Movement Training Week

  2 Life Changing Training Events in Los Angeles ( March 21-25 2017)REGISTER Iceland (July 17th to 22nd 2017) SOLD OUT   AGATSU MASTERS OF MOVEMENT TRAINING WEEKS (All levels of experience welcome. Come join the fun) Masters of Movement training events are unique training opportunities for people who  are passionate about fitness. Each event […]

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Homeostasis, Earthquakes and Your Fitness Goals

  Over the years I’ve written many programs for all walks of life, from elite athletes to the completely inexperienced middle-aged woman trying to better herself after 40+ years of complete self-neglect. Both present their own challenges. Athletes’ programs need to be meticulously periodized and balanced with recovery and practice/competition of their sport, which isn’t […]

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