Montreal Kettlebell Bootcamp & Free Kettlebell Workout Video

Kettlebell Swing

The Agatsu Gym in Montreal is quickly becoming known at the place to go for Kettlebell training. It’s no surprise since we are the ones that first introduced these amazing weights to Canadians nearly a decade ago. Each week the Montreal Kettlebell classes grow and the trainers hear the same thing over and over “I […]

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Constantly Varied Interview with Agatsu Founder Shawn Mozen

Episode 9 – Shawn Mozen On this episode of Constantly Varied, Brian Cauley & Dhani Oks talk with special guest Shawn Mozen. Shawn is the Founder and President of Agatsu, Canada’s leading Kettlebell manufacturer and educator, Host of The Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast and all around awesome guy. He is the foremost authority on Kettlebell training in Canada and a […]

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Podcast-Episode #3- Powerlifting, Chocolate Milk & More With Willie Albert and Jay Nera

Join us for Episode #3 of the Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast. In this episode we sit down with Willie Albert and Jay Nera of Crossfit O-Town to talk powerlifting, recovery drinks, raw lifting and more! If you enjoy the Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast click like below and post your comments. Want to hear someone featured […]

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