Assessment Course

Assessment Course Certification

Assess Before You Address

If you aren’t assessing then you are guessing. Clients want results and you need to know how to get them. Through this course we will teach you how to pin point your clients movement challenges and give you the tools to deal with them.  Our system is simple and straight forward and was designed speficially to meet the needs of personal trainers.

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1 Feb 2/4 Ottawa Level 1 REGISTER
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3 July 13/15 Toronto Level 1 REGISTER
Assessment Course

This 3 day course will cover:

-Anatomny and Biomechanics

-How to perform a client assessment

-Client health history forms & what questions you should be asking

-Breathing assessment and how breath patterning effects movement patterning.

-Software vs Hardware: understanding the difference between the two and how to determine whether someone has a software issue vs a hardware issue. This will help you establish where you need to start in the training process.

-Evaluation: global movement screening and local joint testing.

-Red Flags: based off your findings, if there a is major disfunction and/or pain, knowing when you should refer your client to a medical practitioner.

-Corrective Exercises and Programming: once you have performed your assessment, we will help you understand proper programming to help you get the best results for your clients.