Indian Club & Mace Certification

Mace Certification



Agatsu has pioneered Mace and Club training across Canada and abroad introducing the first course to cover light and heavy clubs along with Mace training.

More than just an Indian Club & Mace seminar, the Agatsu program will introduce you to some of the most powerful training and teaching concepts guaranteed to change how you and your clients look at fitness. Indian Clubs and Maces are time tested training tools that are ideal for mobility/active recovery as well as developing strength and stability. Unlike many conventional weight training tools, Indian Clubs & Maces are unique in their ability to develop movement capacity in all three planes of motion. Linear strength is great but it is also just one piece of the puzzle. If you are ready to evolve your training it’s time to start moving with a mace and clubs.

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What you will learn:


  • Classic Mace techniques including 360’s,10 & 2s will be taught and broken down into their essential components. 
  • Non-classical steel Mace exercises that can be applied in a group or individual context, challenging the body in a unique way that no other tool can. 
  • Old school strongman Mace leverage techniques, allowing you to strengthen joints and tendons.


  • Classic and non-classical Indian Club exercises such as Swings, Casts, Mills, Wrist Rolls and more will be covered in great detail along with many other essential techniques.
  • Develop a deep understanding of Indian Club basics and their variations. Multiple variations and their uses will be explored for every exercise as well as supplemental exercises to help you and your clients break through training plateaus and unlock their movement potential.
  • Learn Agatsu Indian Club, Mace and Heavy Club routines as well as how to develop your own.


  • Learn technical differences between light (1-2Lb) and heavy (5Lb+) club techniques. Learn the benefits of both approaches as well as how to safely and effectively navigate between these tools. 
  • Single and Double Heavy Club techniques such as Swings, Casts, Mills and Pullovers are taught as a means generate rotational strength and power.
  • Learn how to use Heavy Club training to develop sport specific qualities such as rotational power, grip strength, strength endurance, core stability and more.


    • Joint Mobility theory and basics as a means of joint prep and injury prevention pre and post workout.
    • Learn how to safely and incrementally scale exercises to suit the ability of a wide range of clients.
    • Discover how adding Indian Clubs to your training can help cut your warmup in as much as half the usual time.
    • How to safely and effectively program for these tools, building to longer training sets, integrating these tools into your existing training routines. 
  • Instructor courses are hands on where all participants are expected to train. Each weekend course is approximately 16hrs.  This is NOT a pay for diploma, you must earn your certification. Anyone who does not pass an Agatsu instructor course may within one year attempt the same course free of charge.PLEASE NOTE: Many non trainers attend Agatsu courses for their own personal development. If you are taking the course to improve your personal knowledge and do not wish to be certified you may participate without testing.In order to maintain the high standards that our certifications have become associated with, re-certification is mandatory every 2 years. Fee for re-certifying is $250.

Requirements for level 1

  • Men & women are expected to safely demonstrate various basic light club techniques such as: Large and Small Circles, Casts, Mills, Figure 8, Wrist rolls.
  • Men & women are expected to safely demonstrate various heavy club and Mace basic techniques such as: Swings, Mills, Casts, Shield Cast, 10 to 2, 360, Squats.
  • The final exams consists of several Mace, light and heavy Indian Club circuits and a technical demonstration. All trainers must perform both to ensure a min standard of fitness and technical ability. During the technical test each participant must demonstrate a clear understanding and ability with the basics taught during the course.

All courses are taught by Shawn Mozen or a Senior Agatsu Instructor

*Registration is a reservation and guarantee of your place at a course. There are no refunds or transfers for a reserved spot. In the event that a workshop is canceled for some unforeseen reason, we will refund all registrations.

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