Olympic Lifting Movement & Mobility Certification

Stop struggling and start lifting to your true potential. Let us show you how to smash through plateaus.
Competitive weightlifters and personal trainers, Justin and Paluna know what is missing from your training. It’s the same things that they have seen everyone miss at the weightlifting seminars they have attended. Weightlifting seminars spend 90% of the time focused on lifting technique. This is great if you are an athlete without any mobility limitations but what happens when your progress is limited by the health of your joints or your restricted mobility? Do you have the tools to fix your Squat? Can you fix your Clean and Jerk or are you stuck in a rut?

This course is different from other lifitng courses.
Whether you are a coach or an athlete, we will provide you with the tools to prepare the body for lifting as well as lifting technique itself.

Over the course of two days you will learn the following: -General mobility assessment. -Mobility to improve overhead squat, front rack and squat. -Fool proof warm-ups and activation exercises for pre and post lifting sessions. -Full breakdown of the snatch, clean, jerk and squat along with accessory movements. -Programming for beginner and intermediate lifters along with mobility to support the program. -Goal setting, competition prep and the use of props (shoes, belts, wraps,etc).

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