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Welcome to the Agatsu Light Clubs Course!

After 20+ years in the fitness industry we have noticed the same issue over and over again. Over 90 percent of people training are rushing their warms up, not preparing their joints enough for load and lacking co-ordination development for their job demands or sport as they age.

We understand it is really hard to fit it all in. Your training time is precious. Unless you are a pro athlete and get paid to train, you need to start getting the most out of your training by properly preparing yourself during the warm up.

Light clubs are honestly the one piece of equipment we use EVERYDAY!

They offer:

-a great way to better prepare your shoulders, elbows & wrists for load

-they are an awesome prehab or rehab tool for your rotator cuff

-they help teach co-ordination between the upper & lower body

-the patterns can be simple to gain huge rewards

-effective warm up for any throwing and catching sport

-gets you moving in all 3 planes of motion

-they offer a lot of ‘brain food’ getting your mind & body to connect in learning new patterns and increasing neuro-plasticity as you age.

-offers a more efficient warm up cutting your time by half

Check out the results that our clients have been getting!

“Hey Shawn, great light club program and at an amazing discount. You are proof that not all practitioners are teachers. You are an amazing instructor with focusing on the details and foundations. I love the attention to details. I had a stroke I suffered brain damage and can no longer due jiujitsu, Muay Thai, working out with more than 10 lbs or even jogging is too much pressure for my brain. I believe that this program is amazing to improve my upper body range of motion and co-ordinate with lower body. Thank you for the work that you do and the way that you do it. You are impacting ordinary people’s lives like me, not just athletes.”

Get ready to revolve to evolve in your training!

Here’s a sneak peak to get you started.

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