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Welcome to the Agatsu Light Clubs Course!

Get ready to revolve to evolve in your training!

Light clubs are the one tool we use every single day in our warm ups. They help better prepare the joints in our upper bodies, aid in the development of new co-ordinated movements and neuroplasticity aka brain food, helping to keep the mind and body sharp as we age. These amazing tools are also used by many sports professionals (tennis, baseball, swimming, mma) to help pre/rehab rotator cuff issues and increase performance output for their specific sports.

The best way to follow this course is to begin by watching the videos in the introduction section, which will explain how to get the most out of your course.

Once you have watched these videos you can begin to practice! We always recommend that you begin your practice with a warm up and have included a basic joint preparation routine as well as some more specific stretches & strengthening exercises for your wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Begin by exploring all of the foundational techniques and once you feel comfortable with these move on to the intermediate techniques.  

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