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Welcome to the Agatsu Power Clubs Course – Get ready to continue to revolve to evolve your training! The best way to follow this course is to begin by watching the videos in the introduction section, which will explain the direction of the course. Once you have watched these videos you can begin to practice and master basics. We always recommend that you begin your practice with a warm up and have included a basic joint preparation warm up routine to prepare the body for training. 

We recommend that you practice and familiarize yourself with the single club two handed beginner techniques first before moving on to both single arm and double club techniques. The single club two handed beginner techniques will give you a good base upon which to develop all further techniques. Remember – a pyramid can only grow as tall as it’s is wide! There are a lot of juicy and fun techniques to explore and it is better to master the basic well before moving on to the more complex techniques. 

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