Foundations of Physique

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This program is for anyone who wants to experiment with building a physique using an autonomous skill-based foundations program that will have you moving well, feeling great, and looking good.

There is a heavy focus on single leg strength, shoulder & core stability, thoracic mobility, and splits training. It is designed to improve these areas of fitness, giving you a solid foundation on which to not only build full-body strength, stability, mobility and endurance, but when performed as intended it is done at such an intensity that supports a change in physique. It is an easy-to-follow program that you can do at home, with minimal equipment.

A change in physique cannot be accomplished with exercise alone so for best results we’ve included some solid foundational guidelines on Nutrition, Stress Management & Mental Wellness. If you are able to lock in these foundations, you will get results.

Exercise + Nutrition + Stress Management + Consistency = RESULTS

What’s included 

– 48 workouts (16 workouts/Cycle x 3 Cycles) includes warm up & prep work, the workout, and stretching (all with video demonstrations)

– 28 Day Nutrition Mindset Challenge- 28 Day Stress Management and Mental Wellness 

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