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Kettlebells can be life changing if you learn how to safely and systematically use them.

A strong Kettlebell practice can help someone bounce back from injury or take their already impressive practice to new heights. Such a powerful tool deserves a powerful fundamentals program and that’s why we are thrilled to announce our new Kettlebell Foundations Online Training Program.

There is simply nothing else like this on the internet. This program was developed by Agatsu founder Shawn Mozen as the ultimate kettlebell basics primer.

It includes lessons he learned while training in Russia as well as those he developed over the last 20 years of teaching his techniques around the world.

This is the ultimate kettlebell program.

We will cover:


-Types of Swings





-Turkish Get Ups

-Corrective & safety exercises

-Accessory work

-Workouts and more!

So if you have always been curious about kettlebell training this program is the best way to start!

Here’s a sneak peak at all the goodies that await you!

To follow this program you will need a min of one Kettlebell.

There are some double Kettlebell techniques and workouts so a pair of Kettlebells will be needed to practice those movements. Additionally it is idea to have access to a variety of weights however even with only one Kettlebell you will be able to practice and learn a lot from this program.  

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