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Agatsu Kettlebell Juggling

Kettlebell Juggling
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If you love Kettlebell training then you will love Kettlebell Juggling!

Our most popular advanced kettlebell flow training program that will challenge and reward you.

Learn how to Flip, Spin, Catch and Release like a pro in no time.

This program includes follow along progressions for:

-Juggling Safety

-Swing and Release

-Two hand Flip

-One Hand Flip

-Cross Body Flip

-Hammer Spins

-Helicopter Spins

-Around The Body With Spins Direct

-Behind The Flip

-Follow Along Workouts and More!

The Agatsu program was designed to turn anyone from clumsy to comfortable in the shortest time possible.

Here’s a sneak peak to get you started!

For this course you need one Kettlebell preferably something light such as an 8, 12 or 16KG depending on your technical level and conditioning.

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