Day 1 (C1 W3) – Agatsu

Day 1 (C1 W3)

DAY 1 Shoulder Stands, Rear Supports & Swings

Warm Up:

A1-General Mobilization 10 reps of each in each direction

B1-Figure 8’s with Stick, 4 feet wide, 4 feet together

B2-2×5 Lizard Static Stretch


A1-2×30 seconds Ankle Clocks in each direction 

A2-2×10 Shin Boxes (level 1) or Squat to Half Shin Box (level 2) 

B1- 30 seconds Wrist Stretches each position

C1-2×5 Shoulder Dislocates (no weight-level 1, add 2-5lbs-level 2) 

C2-2×10 reps Torch Push Ups

Strength Work:

***Try to add an extra round or up your hold times from week 1 

4-5 Sets of the following, rest 60 seconds between sets

A1-1×5-10 second hold Shoulder Stand level 1 or level 2). Use paralettes if possible. You can use very heavy kettlebells but be careful that they do not tip over. Otherwise you may use floor. 

A2-1×10 reps Side Plank Raises level 1 or level 2 each side 

B1- 1×5-10 second hold L-sit on paralettes level 1 or level 2

B2-1×10 per leg Cossack Squats tempo 231X. No weight (level 1) or light weight (level 2)

C1-1×30-45 second Rear Support Holds level 1 or level 2

C2-1×10 tempo 231X, Hawaiian Squats, to your available depth


3-5 Rounds of 

resting 60 seconds after each set

25 Heavy Kettebell Swings 

10 Deck Squats  

25 Heavy Kettebell Swings

10 Back Extensions

25 Heavy Kettebell Swings

10 Sit Throughs

Post Stretch Bonus:

-30 seconds Tricep Stretches each side 

-30 seconds Death Stretch each side 

-30 seconds Shifting Pigeons each position

-30 seconds Posterior Chain Stretch

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