Day 2 (C1 W2) – Agatsu

Day 2 (C1 W2)

DAY 2 Front Splits & Bridging 

Warm Up:

A1-General Mobilization 10 reps of each in each direction

B1-10 Leg swings forward and back, then Across the body

C1-2x Figure 8’s with Stick, 6 feet wide, 6 feet together

C2-2×5 Single Leg Anterior Chain Stretch


A1-10 Cat & Cow

B1-10 Wag the Tail

C1-30 seconds Wrist Stretches

D1-30 seconds Shoulder Clocks in each position

E1-3×10 Scapular Push Ups

E2-3×10 First Knuckle Push Up

Front Split Work:

Level 1

A1-Death Stretch 3-5 sets of 10 sec PNF each leg

A2-3-5 sets of 10 sec PNF each leg Lateral Hamstring Stretch on floor (level 1) Standing Hamstring Stretch (level 2)

A3- 1 Eccentric Slide into Front Split from Kneeling Go as slowly as you can. Hold for 10-30 seconds in the bottom

Drop Back Work:

2 Rounds of

A1-5 Cobra Walk Outs to Child’s Pose

A2-30 seconds Plow

A3-5 Tri-Lat Stretch, hold 30 seconds on last rep (level 1)

2-3 Rounds of

B1-5 T-Spine Stretch on Roller (level 1) Hold last rep for 10-30 seconds or

5 Loaded Bridge stretch. Hold last rep for 10-30 seconds (level 2)

B2-30 seconds Plow

2-3 Rounds of

C1- 5 Bat Wing Planks (level 1) or Straight Arm Bridge Push Ups hold last rep for 20-30

C2- 30 seconds Plow

D1-Max Bridge Hold for 1-3 minutes. Choose what position feels best for you.

Level 1-Feet on box

Level 2- Hands on Stall Bars or Parallettes

Level 3- Hands and feet on floor

D2-30 seconds Plow

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