Day 2 – Agatsu

Day 2

Shoulders, Abs, Low body flex (Pancake and Handstands)


General Mobilization 10 reps of everything in each direction

2 Rounds of:

1 Bear Walk (flexion) (forward & back) (15-20 steps)

5 per side Single Leg Anterior Chain Stretch


10 Cat & Cow

10 Wag your tail

Wrist Stretches (30sec/position)

Shoulder Clocks (30sec/position)

2 Rounds of: 

10 First Knuckle Pushups

10 Torch Pushups

Low Body Flex

3x10s PNF each side Death Stretch

3x10sPNF each side  Standing Hamstring Stretch

1-2 Rounds of:

3-5 Butterfly Stretch (10s PNF)

5 per side Seated sideline stretch

5 Pancake Stretch (hold last rep)

Shoulders and Abs

3 Rounds of: (6:00)

30s Front Line Body Drill / 30s rest

30s Scapular push-ups / 30s rest

Rest 60s at end of round 3

2 Rounds of: (7:00)

30s Ape Walks (lateral) / 30s rest

30s Angry cat / 30s rest

30s Hollow back hold/ 30s rest

Rest 60s at end of round 2

3 rounds of: (6:00)

30s Teddy Bear push-ups (level 1) or Headstand Push Ups (level 2) / 30s rest

30s Russian Twists / 30s rest

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