Day 3 – Agatsu

Day 3

 Up Body Flex + Low Body Flex (Front splits and Bridge)


General Mobilization

2 Rounds of:

Bear Walks (forward & back) 15-20 steps

5 per side Diagonal Stretch

5 Russian Pullovers


10 Cat & Cow

10 Wag your tail

30 sec Wrist Clocks in each position

30 sec Shoulder Clocks in each position

2 Rounds:

5 per side Standing Windmill

10 Torch Pushups

Low Body Flex

3-5 sets Front splits routine

Up Body Flex

2 Rounds of: 

30sec Mini Drop Backs / 30s rest

30sec Plow Stretch / 30sec Rest  

30sec per side Tri-Lat Stretch / 30s rest

Rest 60s at end of R2

3 Rounds of: 

30sec Wall make-out stretch / 15s rest 

30sec Jefferson Curls / 30sec Rest

Rest 60s at end of R3

3 Rounds of: 

30sec Bat wing planks (level 1) or Bridge Push Ups (level 2) / 30s rest

30sec Rolling cat stretch / 30s rest

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