Day 4 – Agatsu

Day 4

 Glutes, Legs, Abs, Conditioning (Deadlift)


General Mobilization

2 Rounds of:

Bear Walks (forward & back) 15-20 steps

5 per side Diagonal Stretch

5 per side Figure 8 (feet together & apart)


2 Rounds of:

30 sec Ankle Clocks in each position

5 per side Shin Box 

2 Rounds of:

5 Squat to flexion 

5 Cossack to Pigeon Flow (modification: 5 Cossack squats/Pigeon stretch/Static Lizard Stretch)

30 sec Bear hold

Glutes, Legs, and Abs

Rest 60-90 seconds between rounds

Suitcase Deadlift

R1: 1×10 Deadlifts per side light weight) + 30 sec hollow body hold

R2-4:(3×8-10 per side med weight+ 30s hollow body hold

R5: 1×6-8 per side heavy weight + 30s hollow body hold


5 Rounds of:

30 sec Scorpion to sit-through / 15s rest

30 sec Curtsey to Cossack Squat (right) / 15s rest

30 sec Curtsey to Cossack Squat (left) / 15s rest 

30s Ape Walk / 15s rest 


30sec Cobra Walkouts to Child Pose

30sec per side Death Stretch

30sec per side Runners Stretch

30sec per side Shifting Pigeon

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