Day 4 (C1 W4) – Agatsu

Day 4 (C1 W4)

DAY 4 -HS Pressing, Pancake & Locomotion

Warm Up:

A1-General Mobilization, 10 reps of each exercise, in each direction

B1-10 Cat & Cow

C1-10 Wag the Tail

D1-2×5 Standing Windmill each side no weight (level 1) or with light weight from the floor (level 2)

E1- Wrist Stretches 30 seconds each position

F1-3×10 First Knuckle Push Ups

Locomotion Work:

A1-3×10 Cartwheels (five on the right-five on the left)

A2-3×10 Rotational Bridging at wall level 1 or level 2

A3-3×5 Ape Crawls on each side

Pancake Work:

A1- 2 rounds of Shifting Frog Routine, holding for 30-45 sec on last rep of each position level 1 or level 2

B1-3×10 reps of Straddle Stretch Routine level 1 or level 2

B2-3×5 reps Pancake Stretch level 1 or level 2, holding last rep for 30 seconds

B3-3×1 Eccentric Middle Spilts Slide. Go as slowly as you can. Hold for 10-30 seconds in the bottom.

Press to Handstand Work:

Rest 60 seconds between sets

2-3 Rounds of:

A1-30-60 second holds Front Body Line Drill (level 1-on floor) or Elevated (level 2)

A2-3×10 Inchworms (level 1) or Box Presses (level 2)

A3-3×10 Compression Drill At Wall

B1-Endurance Work. Choose your level for 3×60 second holds, 60 seconds rest. If you cannot complete the 60 seconds finish the minute with Front Body Line Drill

Level 1-Angry Cat

Level 2-Facing Wall Holds

Level 3-Scissors at Wall

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