Day 5 (C1 W3) – Agatsu

Day 5 (C1 W3)

DAY 5 Shoulder Stands, Rear Supports & Swings

Warm Up:

A1-General Mobilization 10 reps of each in each direction

B1-Figure 8’s with Stick, 4 feet wide, 4 feet together

B2-2×5 Lizard Static Stretch


A1-2×30 seconds Ankle Clocks in each direction 

A2-2×10 Shin Boxes (level 1) or Squat to Half Shin Box (level 2) 

B1- 30 seconds Wrist Stretches each position

C1-2×5 Shoulder Dislocates (no weight-level 1, add 2-5lbs-level 2) 

C2-2×10 reps Torch Push Ups

Strength Work:

***Try to add an extra round or up your hold times from week 1 

4-5 Sets of the following, rest 60 seconds between sets

A1-1×5-10 second hold Shoulder Stand level 1 or level 2). Use paralettes if possible. You can use very heavy kettlebells but be careful that they do not tip over. Otherwise you may use floor. 

A2-1×10 reps Side Plank Raises level 1 or level 2 each side 

B1- 1×5-10 second hold L-sit on paralettes level 1 or level 2

B2-1×10 per leg Cossack Squats tempo 231X. No weight (level 1) or light weight (level 2)

C1-1×30-45 second Rear Support Holds level 1 or level 2

C2-1×10 tempo 231X, Hawaiian Squats, to your available depth


Snatch Work, 3 minutes on each hand = 6 minutes total 

1st minute just High Volume Swings

2nd minute Clean (level 1) or Half Snatches (level 2) 

3rd minute Clean & Press (level 1) or Snatches (level 2)

Level 1 -switch hands every minute and repeat same motion on your other hand before moving onto the second and third movements.

Level 2 -complete all 3 minutes on one hand before you switch 

Post Stretch Bonus:

-30 seconds Tricep Stretches each side 

-30 seconds Death Stretch each side 

-30 seconds Shifting Pigeon each position

-30 seconds Posterior Chain Stretch Level 1 or Level 2

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