Agatsu Power Clubs

$149.99 $99.99

Power clubs are the one tool that every athlete and trainer should have in their arsenal to build strength, dynamic power and joints made of steel.


The leverage and design of these clubs will challenge your abdominal strength and stability as the body is challenged to deal with the unbalanced force.

Power clubs movement are fluid and help train the body to relax under load and be explosive and powerful when needed. These exact skills are what athletes need to perform at a high level on the field of play.

Our Agatsu Power Clubs training module is going to show you how to take your training out of the squat rack and start to build dynamic and fluid strength and power, creating results that you be able to see and feel first hand.

This module has a whopping 53 videos to explore, helping you build a foundation with the power clubs, know what club to select, how to warm up and prepare the body, and progress through a range of beginner and intermediate techniques using two hands, single arm exercises and double club exercises.

It’s time to start to revolve and evolve your training and performance!

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