Kettlebell Foundations – Agatsu

Kettlebell Foundations


The perfect at home package to improve your Kettlebell training. Includes out best selling Kettlebell  DVD workouts, technique tutorials and more.



Stop wasting time searching the net for reliable Kettlebell information.  Join our Online Kettlebell Lessons area and get access to exclusive instructional videos, supplemental exercises, workouts and more.

You can not receive an Agatsu Instructor Certification for this program however it is the perfect program to help you prepare for one of our Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Certification courses.   A virtual Kettlebell University at your fingertips. Register now and let us take the guess work out of Kettlebell training.

Learn the basics the right way from the ground up including: Swings, Clean, Press,Snatch, Windmill, Turkish Get Up, and more.

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