Online Kettlebell Re-Certification – Agatsu

Online Kettlebell Re-Certification



Keep the Kettlebell credentials that you worked so hard to earn up to date and valid with our online re-certification. 



Keep your Agatsu Kettlebell credentials no matter where you are!

While we believe that nothing can replace the experience of attending an Agatsu seminar, we understand that many of our students are unable to make it to re-certification courses due to distance and timing.

Now you can re-certify online when you are ready.

**Please note that once you purchase this online course you will have 12 weeks to complete the quizzes and submit the assignment videos.**

This course is only available to Agatsu students with a valid Level 1 Kettlebell Certification. To register you need to email the office and send us a picture of your Level 1 diploma. We will then forward you a registration code.

As an existing Level 1 Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor we expect you to have not only kept up the skills you learned at your level 1 course but also to have improved since then. 

Testing will include quizzes based on the video content in this online course as well as training tests to be submitted via video including the following:

Swing Test: Perform 50 two hand swings, 25 one hand swing, 25 one hand swing- 16kg men – 12kg women

Clean & Press Test: 5 consecutive on the right and then the left hand – 16KG men 12KG women

Snatch Test: 100 consecutive Snatches with only one hand change – 16KG men – 12KG women

Windmill Test: 5 consecutive on the right and then the left hand – 16KG men 12KG women

Turkish Get Up Test: 5 Consecutive on the right and then left – 16KG men – 12KG women

**Access to recert video material will be active for 180 days**

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