Agatsu Foundations of Movement (Advanced) Subscription

$49.95 / month



Let us plan your weekly workouts! If you love Kettlebells, Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Mobility, Flexibility and all the amazing things we do at Agatsu this program is for you. This program is for more advanced students who are ready to work with barbells, vertical pulling, rings and have a solid working knowledge of Kettlebell techniques such as Snatches and Jerks. Each week you will receive 5 days of programming with beginner and a more advanced options for each and every workout. These workouts will develop your strength, endurance, balance, mobility, flexibility and more.

Foundations members can also make use of our private Facebook group filled with tips, video tutorials and feedback from coaches and other students following the same training as they are. Register here and then click on this link to apply PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP

**Equipment:Kettlebells or dumbbells, Gym Rings or TRX, Pullup bar. Other items may include barbells however you can substitute some equipment depending on the workout.

This program is suitable for intermediate to advanced. You should be able to perform a min of 3 X 5 Ring Dips & Chin Ups. Have a working understanding of Kettlebell basics. You should also be familiar with barbell lifting.