Online Strength & Speed Specialist Prep


Agatsu Speed & Strength Specialist is no ordinary powerlifting course and this is no ordinary online resource. Learn the essentials from the ground up as you prep to attend one of our certification seminars.

Our online content will expose you the Agatsu approach and fully prepare you to get the most out of your seminar experience.

This program is packed with technical information on proper form for essential lifts as well as a full programming lecture!

**This online program is currently being updated with new content. Thank you for your patience as we build content**



What You Will Learn:

  • Technical training in the major barbell power lifts, and
    how to apply them outside of powerlifting for athletes
    and general clients.
  • How to incorporate barbell variants using chains,
    bands or other augments.
  • How to clearly define strength, speed and
    explosiveness and understand how to focus your
  • How to program using percentages versus training by
    feel, and why/when to use one or the other.
  • Understand the role of muscle mass in athletics and
    how to develop it properly.
  • The role of speed in strength and athletics, who needs
    specific speed training and how to integrate it.
  • ┬áTraining techniques for speed and explosiveness.