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Free 1 Week Agatsu Online Gym Trial

Online Gym

Stop putting your training off for another day. ‘Someday’ is not a day on your calendar! Join us in AGATSU Fitness for a FREE WEEK OF AGATSU ONLINE GYM!Jan 4-9 follow along with live classes in: -kettlebell HIIT -yoga -bodyweight strength -mobility -clubs -handstands -flexibility -mace -Kettlebell Sport See you online! […]

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Kettlebell & Bands Quick Home Workout

Working Offset to Reset Working cross pattern movements can help you reset your nervous system & recenter your body. Here’s a fun little circuit of kettlebells & bands for complete body workout 4-5 rounds of 10 reps each other -Kettlebell Dead Bugs -Offset Suitcase Dead Lift -Quadruped Band Pulls -Cross Pattern Banded Split Squat ENJOY!!! […]

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Backyard Sessions – 5 Round Home Workout

Home Workout

Here’s a little yard work for your Sunday..5 rounds of-10 Curtsey Squat & Rear Lunge each leg-10 Plank KB Pulls per side-10 Sumo Squat to Rotational Overhead Press-10 Superhero Back Extensions with 10 bonus Pulldowns on last rep..Make sure you have great cheerleaders. Mine are cute but not really motivating. […]

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