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Why You Should Turkish Get Up

improve your movement

If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, you better make it The Turkish Get Up! This one move: -takes through three planes of movement -helps you develop better co-ordination -builds better support in your deep core muscles -helps correct muscle imbalances and mitigate injuries -amazing shoulder and hip mobility […]

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When is good, good enough?


Goal setting is an individual pursuit. You may be chasing a two times bodyweight back squat while your friend is working towards running a half marathon. There is no right or wrong to goal setting. What motivates one person to wake up early and get to the gym may do nothing for someone else. When […]

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Free 1 Week Agatsu Online Gym Trial

Online Gym

Stop putting your training off for another day. ‘Someday’ is not a day on your calendar! Join us in AGATSU Fitness for a FREE WEEK OF AGATSU ONLINE GYM!Jan 4-9 follow along with live classes in: -kettlebell HIIT -yoga -bodyweight strength -mobility -clubs -handstands -flexibility -mace -Kettlebell Sport See you online! […]

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Kettlebell & Bands Quick Home Workout

Working Offset to Reset Working cross pattern movements can help you reset your nervous system & recenter your body. Here’s a fun little circuit of kettlebells & bands for complete body workout 4-5 rounds of 10 reps each other -Kettlebell Dead Bugs -Offset Suitcase Dead Lift -Quadruped Band Pulls -Cross Pattern Banded Split Squat ENJOY!!! […]

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Backyard Sessions – 5 Round Home Workout

Home Workout

Here’s a little yard work for your Sunday..5 rounds of-10 Curtsey Squat & Rear Lunge each leg-10 Plank KB Pulls per side-10 Sumo Squat to Rotational Overhead Press-10 Superhero Back Extensions with 10 bonus Pulldowns on last rep..Make sure you have great cheerleaders. Mine are cute but not really motivating. […]

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