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Are You Making This Mistake?

kettlebell swing

This is FUNDAMENTAL and many kettlebell instructors get it wrong. “Wrists to Zipper!!!” You will hear that cue said over and over again during our Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Certification. If you want to efficiently transfer energy from the ground up, you need to make EVERYTHING count. Keeping your wrists by your zipper maintains […]

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Fix Your Jerk

kettlebell jerk

Having Trouble With Your Jerk?! Need some help? The jerk is an amazing and powerful Kettlebell fundamental but a lot of people struggle with it.  Learning the timing for the second dip can be frustrating. Try this tip from our recent online Agatsu Kettlebell Certification 👍 Click Here To Watch Video To learn the finer […]

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